Sometimes you have to just smile and say, “Bless your heart!”  People don’t always mean what they say or say what they mean for that matter!  Those people fall into a group I like to call the “Unintentional Haters.”  They don’t really mean to put you down or make you feel bad, they are just unaware or ignorant of their actions.  Then you have the “Intentional Haters.”  The people that set out to make you feel bad and want to bring you down.  That is their goal.  Those people suck.  They both suck but in different ways.  What they DON’T get to do is Suck any of the Awesomeness out of you.  Do not waste ANY time worrying about them.  Well, you can spend about a minute trying to educate the “Unintentional Hater” on how their words or actions made you feel, but that’s it!  If they don’t get it quickly, move on.  You have better things to do, like being Super Amazing.

Just smile and say “Bless your heart!”

Bless your Heart

Drop the mic and Sashay away!  Ain’t nobody got time for that. You are too great for hate, guuurrrrrrl!

Happy Monday!

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