Good morning Motivational Mondayers!  Well it’s technically not morning, it’s now 12:03 but Whatevs.  Obviously Mondayers is not a word either!  If only you could see all the angry, red squiggly lines all over this post thus far.  Technically I am not a very technical kinda girl.  In fact, I probably cause all of the grammar gods to shudder with all my run on sentences and my misplaced punctuation and my over the top use of these babies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But that’s OK. Everybody has that something that they are really good at or something that makes them stand out.  Even if not standing out is your thing, that’s OK too.  You should not be concerned with what others are doing, you should only care about what YOU are doing.  Follow your arrow, wherever it points!

Follow your Arrow Nobody says it better than Kacey Musgraves!  If you have not heard her “Follow your Arrow” song, go find it now.  I’ll wait……………………….great song right?!  I think I might have another Design up my sleeve inspired by another one of her songs!

Be you.  Do your own thing.  Don’t be afraid to Follow Your Arrow to whatever it is that makes you happy!

Finally, regarding the free printable, I realize that there is an ugly watermark blocking the beautifullness of this weeks printable.  I will be EMAILING this weeks printable, without the watermark, to anyone that requests it! You can comment on this post with your email address of you can shoot me an email! 

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2 Comments on Motivational Monday, Follow Your Arrow Printable!

  1. May I please have this “follow your arrow” printable to hang in my study? That’s one of my favorite country songs! Thank you kindly 🙂

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