I am coming down hard off of an amazing 4 day long birthday weekend.  So it may not be Monday for y’all but it DEFINITELY is for me. Oh birthdays! Birthdays are the best!  I love my birthday and being born on Leap Year makes me really appreciate it, so a four day long celebration seems totally appropriate for a birthday that only comes around every four years!  Not to mention that Mr. Melindy’s birthday is the day after mine so we are knee deep in birthday partying around here.

Anyhoo, sitting here suffering with birthday withdrawal syndrome I was thinking, why does it have to end? And it’s not just the denial talking here friends, but each day that God wakes us up is like a birthday.  A brand new day.  A rebirth if you will!  You are alive.  You are here.  Might as well go ahead and celebrate it!

Celebrate every day like its your bday

Eat dinner on the pretty dishes.  Burn the smelly good candles.  Use up all the cute stuff that you have been saving for a special occasion.  LIFE is THE special occasion!  Enjoy it.  Celebrate it!  Live every day like it is your birthday cause it kinda is!

Happy Mondnesday!

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