It’s Friday, Friday, everyone gets down on Friday!

You can thank my Mr. Melindy and little Melindy for getting that Stinkin’ Friday song stuck in my head!  They have been singing in every Friday for MONTHS!  This morning more than ever since  we were all doing the happy dance that it is the last day of school!  Yay!

Anyhoo, I have been super busy this week designing Save the Dates and Wedding invites for a dear friend so I didn’t have time to make a new freebie for y’all (Boo! Hiss!)  I didn’t want to leave you empty handed on this Friday, Friday, everyone gets down on Friday, so I thought I would bring out on here for the first time these little beauties AND FOR FREE (Yay! Woo hoo!)  These would be perfection on a vanity table, your desk or as gifty wifty framed for a friend!

Enjoy! Happy Summer!




Thank God it’s Freebie Friday!!!!!

What do you expect?  I spend the majority of my time in Preschool folks!  Just the other day one of the littles and I were going back and forth with the whole “see ya later alligators” and I was inspired to make these cuties.  Hopefully you and your littles will have fun with them!

latorgatorboyWM LatorGatorPinkWM


Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday is actually happening on a friday this time!  Go me!  I hope you enjoy your free printable and I hope you leave a little sparkle wherever you go!


Tell your sparkly friends to come by and grab their own free printable!

Twinkle twinkle little star!

I am obsessed with pink.  You might as well no that about me right now!  I am also obsessed with anything that sparkles!  I am pretty sure I have a mixture of buttercream frosting and glitter running through my veins.  Oh yeah!  I am also obsessed with buttercream frosting!  Where is all this coming from and why am I telling you about my obsessions you wonder?  Well I decided to combine a few of my loves in this new Twinkle twinkle little star Baby Shower invitation I designed!  Brand spanking new and I am, you guessed it, OBSESSED!  I hope you are too! Sorry the butter cream is missing but it is full of pink and sparkly deliciousness!


Twinkle Collage

Always be a Mermaid, always!


I always wanted to be a Mermaid! Still do.  I am pretty sure every little girl pretends to be one or wishes she was one at some point.  These prints would be perfect for a party, a bedroom or even in the bathroom!  I just make em.  It’s up to you to figure out where to put em!

Peace, love and Mermaids!

I Do………..

love how fun and unique celebrations have become since this little thing called Pinterest has come to town!  Weddings especially!  It’s now easier than ever to say your “I Do’s” in a way that expresses your cutie relationship without going broke!  I LOVE it!

I had a chance to custom design these pretty little Wedding invitations and printables for a couple that I don’t know but I am pretty sure we would be besties.  Anybody that wants Polka-dots as a “Color” choice for their wedding is alright in my book!

Here is the Invitation!


These are the place/name card design!


These are the table number cards! (duh!)







Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

So last week on the Melindy Facebook page I asked for design ideas for fill-in-the-blank style invites. Remember that? Well I chose a winner by writing down y’alls ideas, put them in a bowl, closed my little eyes and picked “Hungry Little Caterpillar!”


Congratulations Tyanna! Check your email!  I hope you enjoy your design idea as much as I enjoyed creating it!  And as a big fat thank you to all that submitted ideas I am going to offer you a chance to win a $10 Melindy gift certificate to a random person that comments on this blog post!  I will choose a winner this Friday!!!  AND I will enter your name in for each person that you get to comment on this blog posting saying you sent them!  For example “Cute stuff…..Mindy sent me!”  They don’t have to say “Cute stuff!”  but it is cute stuff!

New Stuff is My Favorite!

I am totes excited to introduce to you my first “Fill-in-the-blank” Invitations!  These new designs are super cutie and super convenient if you need something in hurry!  Your download will have two 5×7 invites per page for you to print out and hand-write in your party information.  Easy Peasy, right?  And of course if you decide that you would like other party elements designed to match just give me a holler!  (I recently spent some time in Arkansas and like to throw in some of the lingo whenever I can!)  Drum roll please……………………..

blackandwhitegirlbuggyWM stripedboyWM

stripedboyWM1 black and white baby showerWM

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my new babies.

I cant wait to show you all the other “Fill-in-the-blank” designs I have been working on!

Freebie Friday (on a Saturday!)

I was all excited to do my very first “Freebie Friday” yesterday that I could hardly wait!  Then Friday came hard and fast and slapped me in the face!  It was all “the weeks not over til Saturday, sweetie”  and it was in a very condescending tone even.  So I apologize for being caught up in the boring responsible stuff in life and being a day late!  Trust me, I would rather be here, doing the fun stuff!


Mother’s Day is next week!  Print this little baby out and but it in a pretty wood frame and give it to yo mama!  Maybe add a cutie framed picture of you and your mommy, either present day or from when you were little, to go with!  Or print it out and use it as a card!  Whatevs! Enjoy!

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