Or Wake up and be awesome if you are the non violent type!  I am not usually a fan of fighting but I do not have a problem with Punching Today, Monday, in the face.  Poor Monday.  It’s not his fault that he comes right after the freakin’ weekend.  I bet if anybody is in need of motivation, it would be poor, sad Monday.  Can you imagine dragging your @#$ out of bed every week knowing that everybody hates you?  I have just talked myself out of wanting to punch today in the face.  Now all I want to do is give poor Monday a hug.  Maybe we can try kicking Tuesday around for awhile and see how he likes it!

Punch Today in the face

The point I am trying to make is that you gotta get up, get out there and take control of your day like a Boss baby!  Do not let even one of those seven days a week own you. YOU OWN THEM!  Pinch, Kick, or Karate Chop those little s.o.b’s into submission!  Maybe just give Monday a little break.  He has been through enough!

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