Hi there MMers!  Today was a cold, dark and rainy day here and it was lovely!  It’s also the first day of Spring Break for Little Melindy and that means that big Melindy gets to sleep in!  Thank you, Jesus.  I live for non school days.  They are my favie!

Now I can stay up late and work on those etsy orders that have started to flow in.  It’s so exciting!  It seems like there is never enough time to do the fun stuff that I have  get to do for Melindy Designs.  Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming and when I get overwhelmed, I tend to get frustrated.  I won’t tell you what I tend to get when I get frustrated!  Let’s just say it Ain’t pretty.

I don’t always have someone around to “talk me down” when I am in meltdown mode so I take a deep breath and tell myself  “you got this.

You got this

I thought this pretty little printable could serve as a visual reminder as well.  Whatever you got going on, whatever you are up against, YOU GOT THIS!  Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!  Don’t let YOU tell you otherwise because if you don’t believe it, who will??????

You are going to have the best week!  Wanna know how I know?

Cause You got this!





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